Terms and Conditions


1. This website is operated by Jessica's Gardens. Where these terms and conditions use terms such as "we", "us" and "our" they refer to Jessica's Gardens.


2. By visiting our website including all the information, tools and services available on it, and/or purchasing something from us, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.


3. You can view the most current version of these terms and conditions at any time by visiting this website page. We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of these terms and conditions, without prior notice to you, by posting updates on this page. It is your responsibility to check this page on each visit to your website, read these terms and conditions and ensure you understand them before making a purchase.


1. The Client shall provide proper access to the site at all times during normal working hours – 08.00 – 18.00 Monday to Friday. Proper access shall be defined as reasonable passage into the site, both front and rear gardens, to allow for tools and equipment to pass without undue difficulty.

2. Jessica's Gardens shall maintain in force all necessary insurances, licences, certificates and other legally required documents and disclose them to the Client when reasonably called upon to do so.

3. Jessica's Gardens shall supply and provide all tools and equipment necessary to carry out tasks set out by the Client, including all fuels, oils and other lubricants as may be required. All machinery shall be in good order of repair and be in safe condition and not hazardous to the operative or any other person on site.

4. Jessica's Gardens shall provide all suitable personal protective equipment.

5. The Client is to ensure that the site is clear of all obstructions including, but not restricted to, toys, furniture, dog and cat faecal matter, prior to Jessica's Gardens commencing the works programme.

6. Jessica's Gardens is not responsible for removing garden waste. It is the client's responsibility to provide waste disposal (garden waste bin, compost heap).

7. Payments should be made within 5 working days of receiving an invoice. Late payments will incur a Late Payment surcharge of 2.5% per week. 

8. Garden visit cancellations should be made in a timely manner, giving at least 48 hours notice to Jessica's Gardens.

9. If you no longer wish to continue with Jessica's Gardens, a month's notice must be given.


10. Jessica's Gardens can provide plant and design suggestions, but these are suggestions based on our understanding of your requirements, locations and soil type. Following planting, it is the client's responsibility to maintain plant health and we do not take on any responsibility of plant losses.  


1. Jessica's Gardens offer seasonal fresh flowers, and our bouquets, bunches and floral gifts are offered as "Whatever is in season." Please look at our Social media feeds to see what is likely to be available. All orders will be bespoke and individual.

2. Jessica's Gardens offers fresh cut flowers from May to October. This can change based on the weather conditions, so please check availability prior to placing your order.

3. Delivery or Collection from Jessica's Gardens is available from Maty to October and must be arranged in advance. Please give 24 hours notice for your order, as the flowers must be conditioned. 

4. Your order will only be accepted by us once we have confirmed we have your flowers and that we can offer collection or delivery on your suggested date.

5.. Because we are a seasonal flower 'farm', weather conditions may affect our ability to provide fresh flowers.

6. Payment for flowers must be made prior to delivery or collection.