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 Let's get to know one another....

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Hello! I’m Jessica, the creator of Jessica’s Gardens. A born and bred country girl based in Cullompton, Devon, I have always had a dream of pursuing a work-life outdoors, with gardening and flowers being my favourite past-time and long-standing dream job. Oh, how I wished it was advertised as a career when I was a school!

Having studied Ancient History and Archaeology at university, I pursued a career in archaeology and historic archiving, followed by a move to The National Trust and then into Public Relations and Marketing. Becoming dissatisfied with a life behind a desk and the relentless fast-paced humdrum, the garden and growing flowers became a solace. It was more than just a garden. It was a healing space, a space to be creative, feel alive and find joy and happiness in the smallest things.

And so in 2018, Jessica’s Gardens was born.

I have never looked back. Every day I can see the affect the garden, flowers and nature has on people. How it lights up their eyes, brings about an unconscious smile and restores a sense of hope.

And so, I hope this wonderful journey continues, in which I can do my small bit to celebrate our British gardens – both in gardening and in flowers.

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